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    Gladstone Primary School is
    in the heart of the Southern
    Flinders Ranges, and serves the Gladstone, Georgetown, Gulnare & Yacka communities.

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Welcome to Gladstone Primary School

The school works collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop lifelong
learning, both academically and socially, through a focus on the five key
school values of respect, caring, honesty, following rules and forgiveness.
Literacy and Numeracy are central to the school’s curriculum, as is
developing teaching pedagogy to improve learning outcomes.

All students have Individual Learning Plans which become the tool to
monitor and discuss student learning goals with parents, teachers and
the principal. The school is equipped with the latest technology including
interactive whiteboards in all classes. Special curriculum features include
personal learning, camps and excursions, and an intervention program for
students who require extra support with reading and spelling skills.

The school has positive transition programs with both the local kindergarten
and high school, with all sites interacting regularly throughout the year.
The school prides itself on student voice and participation. Students have developed the school grounds to include a walking trail; butterfly, bush
tucker and vegetable garden; and an outdoor cooking area. 

(information about attendance and life outcomes)